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5 min readDec 29, 2020


3 Steps to Creating Massive Opportunity All Around You

I am sure you’ve heard this a dozen times but, opportunity really is all around us. The key to taking advantage of said opportunity is by restructuring our viewpoint, optimizing our perception and opening up the doors for opportunity to present itself. These things are far easier said than done and over the last two years I have spent more than 1000 hours reading and consuming literature in order to understand how the greatest of our time have managed to manifest so much success. From what I have learned from others and from what I have experienced in my own life, here are 3 ways to create massive opportunity for yourself and the people around you.

Open Yourself to the Opportunity

Most of the battle here is realizing that the opportunity already exists and not only does it exist, it is in unbelievable quantity just waiting to be taken advantage of. There comes a time in everyones life when they need to decide if they have open doors or if they have closed doors.

Personally I believe that if everyone who read this article could take away one thing from my writing, it is that opening your doors to opportunity is the single most valuable change you can make in your life. Forget waking up early, forget going to the gym every day and eating healthy, and forget reading a million books a year, the moment that you open your doors to opportunity is the moment your life changes.

Accepting the opportunity is easy and let me share with you exactly how to set up your life to allow opportunity to flow through it. The first thing you need to do is accept that there is something to learn from everyone and every thing. The second thing you need to do is structure your day to allow for at minimum one hour of self improvement and exploration. Finally, you must, and this is very important, refrain from saying no.

Saying no is a surefire way to cut opportunity out of your life. When you say no you are closing the funnel without leaving any chance for that funnel to bring you something new. Think about it this way, your buddy approaches you with an idea to sell sponges. You don’t enjoy the idea and you tell your friend no thanks, you’re not interested and you tell them good luck. Your friend goes on to fail at making sponges but his next big idea comes around and you are no longer on the radar. You are a NO man and the last thing anyone wants is to be told no twice by the same person. Instead of saying no in situations like this make sure that you are doing everything you can to provide value to this person inside of reasonable limitations. For instance, your friend who loves sponges come to me and asks if I want to go into business with him. I know nothing about sponges and I have no interest pursuing this business but what I do have is knowledge into how to build a team and scale a workforce to drive revenue. That being said, I can still be uninvolved with the sponge company but what I can do is offer said friend a bit of value, inspiration, good wishes and make sure that he or she knows that we believe in them and are always here to lend aid.

What this ends up creating is open doors all around you, allowing opportunity to flow into your life in mass quantity.

Nurture Opportunity

Creating massive opportunity around you is a combination of mental and physical change, both of which are equally important. Nurturing opportunity refers to the physical changes in your life that will lead to the highest return on investment. Nurturing opportunity starts at the top, it is how you go throughout your life on a daily basis and how you manage your time and relationships.

The first step to nurturing opportunity is developing a routine. I have written about this previously but developing a routine does two very interesting things. First, it frees up reserved willpower allowing for better decision making. Second, it allows your body to develop a “muscle memory” like capacity to auto pilot mundane tasks which gives your brain the room to wander. Wandering is a wonderful thing as this is where all of the most innovative and creative ideas come from.

After developing a routine comes building constructive and productive habits that passively lead towards opportunity. A few examples of these habits include consuming and reading books with self improvement in mind, working out and eating a healthy balanced diet to promote body and brain health and processing gratitude before bed to recenter your frame of reference and humble yourself.

These little changes and routines over time will compound and make a massive amount of impact over the span of a lifetime.

Attack Opportunity

When opportunity does present itself, it is your duty to yourself to take advantage of it. When you allow opportunities to flow by you, what ends up happening is the universe recalibrates itself and sends fewer and fewer opportunities your way. The world knows when opportunity is wasted and does not look kindly upon those who waste.

In order to attack opportunity you need to have done the previous two steps. You need to have the willpower to make educated decisions and your doors need to be wide open and ready to allow opportunity to present itself.

Attacking opportunity does not mean that your throw yourself 100% into anything that comes your way. What it means is that when something is before you, you have the mental capacity and the knowhow to take a look at both the macro and micro metrics to analyze an opportunities worth.

As you progress through your life, the opportunity that you can take becomes more and more slim as your time will either a) be invested elsewhere already or b) too valuable to justify spending.

The important thing here is that you are always ready to attack when it counts.


Receiving plentiful opportunity from the world around you isn’t free. You need to work hard every day to become a better version of your yesterday’s self. There is nothing stopping any one of us from fulfilling our wildest and most insane dreams besides ourselves. Get out there and do what needs to get done.



Jaice de Celis

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